Once enrolled, how do we proceed?

Once payment is received and has been deposited (and cleared) to our account, we will contact you by email and ask you to fill out a short personal profile to better understand your needs, your goals, your trading history, and what exchange-traded instruments you are the most interested in.  Please be sure to remove Trend-Vantage from your spam filter.

Once we receive your completed profile form, we will ask you to provide a suggested schedule that best fits your needs. We will contact you via phone (or via your preferred method) to finalize when we start our very first session.

You will also receive via email log-in instructions and directions for getting the most out of our session(s) by prepping a few things ahead of time. We can start as soon as possible after enrollment, including (scheduling allowing) “right away”!

Please note that we never resell any information that you may give us.  We respect your Privacy immensely and will always keep it intact!

founder / trainer, Trend-Vantage Trading System: real-time trend indicators for the Market, specializing in customized one-on-one training. Also free-lance photographer (EverydayJourney.net).

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