What if I don’t profit from trading after attending your training sessions, or lose money trading?

While we do our very best to give you training on what we feel is a fantastic trading system, we cannot and do not guarantee each subscriber’s results.  Each subscriber is different and results depend on the trading style of each person, as well as individual personality traits.

There are always risks associated with trading, and the world that we live in is fast-paced and economically challenging.

We do not tell you specifically when to trade, nor what to trade.  We train you to determine trading for yourself based on our indicators’ signals.  We cannot and do not take responsibility in the outcome of each subscriber’s implementation of the Trend-Vantage system.

Subscribers can continue to hone their trading skills using our system by attending the weekly webinars.  We are always available via our contact form and email address to respond to your questions and concerns, and to assist in guiding you through the learning process. It is our goal to train you to become the best trader possible, but we offer no guarantees of specific results, nor do we offer any refunds for paid-for and completed one-on-one sessions based on any specific outcome.

founder / trainer, Trend-Vantage Trading System: real-time trend indicators for the Market, specializing in customized one-on-one training. Also free-lance photographer (EverydayJourney.net).

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