What is your training session make-up policy?

We recognize that there will be times when your schedule will force you to cancel a one-on-one session that has already been set-up between us. We are more than happy to work with you on re-scheduling.  Since our daily timeslots are allocated and committed to in advance we require at least a 3-hour lead time notice of cancelation. If you are unable to notify us before 3 hours you will forfeit that session’s fee.

Should there be mitigating circumstances, such as family emergencies, natural disasters, circumstances deemed beyond your control, or technical issues with our technological connectivity, we will do everything possible to re-schedule a session with you without your incurring any penalty.  We always try to balance your needs and personal lives with our professional commitments to you and to all of our other subscribers.

Notification of cancellations must arrive to us by either text message (you will be provided with a phone number after you enroll) or via email to the sales@Trend-Vantage.com address. While we appreciate direct telephone contact for prompt communication, we require written confirmation for our records (i.e. text or email).

Should any technical issues prevent a session from taking place, or interrupt an ongoing session, we will reschedule a full 1-hour make-up session by mutual agreement, at no extra charge to you, no matter what part of an hour has already successfully taken place (i.e., if 20-minutes into a session we lose connectivity, we will merely re-do a full hour, at a later time).

founder / trainer, Trend-Vantage Trading System: real-time trend indicators for the Market, specializing in customized one-on-one training. Also free-lance photographer (EverydayJourney.net).

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