Please note that we are not an investment broker but are an educational service.  As such, we only share with you our own trading system and methods, and train you to recognize our indicators’ signals to better understand what we do. We are not legally allowed to tell you directly what to trade nor when, nor do we ever tell you what to trade, nor when .

In any and all Markets, there will always be risks involved with investment strategies, and placing assets at-risk may result in losses of your investment.

***Please also read our Options Disclaimer and other notices***

Results will also vary according to each individual’s trading style; however, we firmly believe that with a proper understanding of our indicators, that you will be able to minimize the risks involved while identifying the trades that offer you the best possible return and profit.


The information that we provide is intended for the private use of individual “retail” traders and investors and is not intended to be used nor disseminated to institutional traders.

Trading at any level may not be appropriate for all investors.

While we do our very best to give you training on what we feel is a fantastic trading system, we cannot and do not guarantee what each subscriber’s results will be when trading in any Market.

Each subscriber is different from the other, and results depend on the trading style and risk tolerance of each, as well as on individual personality traits.

There are always risks associated with trading, and the global Markets that currently exist are extremely fast-paced, seemingly ever-changing, and economically challenging.

Prior to placing any live trades, please consider your own investment objectives, experience levels and risk tolerance.  Educate yourself about the risks you may choose to take on, and do not invest any money that you cannot afford to potentially lose.

We also recommend that you seek advice from an independent financial or tax advisor if you have any questions about any trade (or Market) that you might enter into.

Since we do not nor ever will tell you specifically when to trade nor what to trade, other than to train you to better determine that for yourself based on our indicators’ signals, we cannot and do not take responsibility for the outcome of each subscriber’s implementation of any portion of the Trend-Vantage system.

Our indicators are only visual representations of our algorithm’s mathematical computations and determinations; however, you the user are the sole final decision-maker as to whether or not to follow the indicators’ signals and recommendations.

Please always bear in mind that Market reversals can happen faster than you may be able to place (enter or exit) a given trade, and that high-speed frequency trading will always be able to outpace your own ability to deal with such reversals.

I am actually not legally allowed to give you specific instructions as to when to enter and exit trades, nor to tell you specifically what to trade at any given moment; however, I will give you my interpretation of the indicators and their signals in the course of training videos and education webinars, and you are welcome to take advantage of that knowledge at any time.

We strongly recommend that you initially practice with a paper money or virtual account to first familiarize yourself with our system, prior to placing any live trades.

The use of our information is always at your own risk, and while we believe firmly in the systems that we use, all content is provided “as is” and without warranties to any kind of results.

Please also be advised that servers occasionally can be interrupted due to technical glitches, including that between you and your broker’s trading platform. Please have a pre-determined plan of action should that ever happen while you have a live trade going.

We also remind you that STOP’s may not be able to give you the exact exit point(s) anticipated, since a high degree of volatility in the Market may lead to sudden Price Action  “jumps”  — in either direction — and could either reduce your profits or increase your losses beyond where the Stop may actually be placed.

You should always consider your personal risk-reward preferences and be ready for adverse scenarios at all times.
Government Required Disclaimer

The information provided in our website, videos, and training is for educational purposes only.

Neither I nor Trend-Vantage recommends nor presents itself to be offering or recommending any specific securities to be bought or sold.

Any stock, options or other tradable symbol(s) displayed on our site, charts and/or webinars — or referred to, be it in actually displayed form or spoken orally in one of our webinars and/or training sessions —  are there for illustrative purposes only and are not ever intended to portray a recommendation to buy or sell a particular investment.

The decision to buy or sell any such security listed, displayed, or referred to, is done purely at the customer’s own risk.

We remind you that while the trading methodologies shown in our website, educational videos, training and other forms of communications may have worked in the past; that past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

While there is a potential for profits there is also always the risk for a huge (or even total) loss.

There is no guarantee that the user of our information and indicators will actually make money using them.

The person or persons utilizing this information acknowledges that he/she fully understands that the risk factor in trading is high and that only “Risk Capital” or “Risk Funds” should be used in such trading.

A person who does not have “Risk Capital” or “Risk Funds” that they can afford to potentially completely lose should not trade in the (any)Market.

While we use our own system and believe in it, no “Safe” trading system has ever been devised, and no one including us can guarantee profits or freedom from loss by the use of such system.

Under no circumstance will Trend-Vantage nor I be held liable for any losses incurred by the use of the information herein.

Investing in stocks and other Markets includes risk and the past performance of a stock is not necessarily an indicator of future gains.

We are not registered as licensed broker-dealers nor investment advisors.  No trading advice is being given nor implied at any time.

Use of our website, educational videos, educational training and one-on-one sessions – or any other form of communication between us  – is purely for informational purposes and does not constitute a client/advisor relationship.

In no way do I nor Trend-Vantage have any discretionary authority over your trading or investment decisions nor accounts.

Due to the nature of electronic communications, electronic trading platforms and web-servers, please be reminded that such services could be interrupted or fail at any time.  Neither I nor Trend-Vantage will be liable nor responsible for any such “down times”, nor for any losses which you might incur out of such service outages.

We recommend that you always have a back-up plan (such as an emergency brokerage account phone number) should such outage events take place.

©FA/T-V — 2/15/2015


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