Welcome to our latest Training Video Pages.

We have been working on many developments since we first started on the Think of Swim platform (now owned by TDAmeritrade).  We are in the process of producing entirely new Videos, but for now, please view our YouTube post of March 4th, 2016 Session, as well as our other YouTube posts; thank you.

Trend-Vantage 03-04-2016 VideoFriday, March 4, 2016 Options Session on YouTube

Also Trend Vantage Options Room, MAR 04, 2016 – Part 2 shows a little more about our Indicators.


[NEW VIDEOS in the making — this section, below, being re-done….]


Please take the time to see what we’ve been doing by reviewing our latest Training Videos. You can find them here once we finish all our Uploads; but for now, they are also on our YouTube channel — just search for Trend-Vantage.

Introduction / Overview — part I

Introduction / Overview — part II

They are broken down by general overview to each indicator, and divided among the 3 platforms for which we have developed them: TDAmeritrade/Think or Swim; Ninja Trader — with exciting interpolations into Kai Whitney’s NOFT (Ninja Order Flow Trader — Red Bridge Capital Consulting) system, plus several of Simon Jousef’s GTR (Global Trade Room / indicators; and Trade Station.

We invite you to send us any questions via my direct email,, and look forward to working with you!

Organization of Educational Videos & Contents:

  • Introduction to our indicators in the TDAmeritrade/ThinkorSwim platform
    • Explanation of our Indicators (Videos 102 & 103)
    • Annotated Samples in TDAmeritrade/TOS (Video 104)
    • Sample Layout for use in TDAmeritrade/TOS (Video 110)


  • Introduction to our indicators in the Ninja Trader platform (Videos 201 & 202)
    • PRIME indicator for Larger Trend Directions (Video 210)
    • More Sensitive Indicators (Videos 211 & 212)
    • Further Combined Indicators (Video 213)
    • Brief Live Example in the Ninja Trader platform (Video 220)


  • Introduction to our integration of Kai Whitney’s  NOFT indicators in the Ninja Trader platform (Video 253)
    • Detailed explanations of the NOFT indicators and how we use them (Videos 260, 261, & 262)
    • Explanation of further integration of our indicators with the GTR Price Magnet and Volume Nodes indicators (Video 263)
    • Live Examples of integrated NOFT / GTR indicators with ours (Videos 280 & 281)
    • Further examples and explanations of Price Magnets (Videos 291, 293, 295, 296, 297, 298 & 299)


  • General Overview to our indicators in the Trade Station platform (Videos 350 & 351)


  • Detailed introduction to our indicators in the Trade Station platform
    • Paintbar Strategy (Video 301)
    • PRIME indicator for Larger Trend Directions (Video 302)
    • More Sensitive Indicators (Videos 303 & 304)
    • Trend Oscillator Indicators and Combined Indicators (Video 305)
    • Additional Overall Trend Indicator (Video 306)
    • Sample Layout for use in Trade Station (Videos 310 & 311)

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