What are the advantages of choosing Customized Group Training Webinars?

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Customized Group Training would be perfect for a group of people with common goals they want to address. The attendees would benefit from extensive Q&A that is focused towards the needs of the group. These groups might consist of the following;

  • Those groups with a common trading interest, for example ForEx traders or Options traders.
  • People who are already part of a trading group who would like something hosted for them.  They already have a common interest and we could customize screens to fit their interests and trading styles.
  • People new to e-trading who need to get acquainted with the charts and trade on-screen. We could emphasize how to use the real-time platform instead of what to trade.

Customized Group Training will let you focus on your specialized area of interest without having to listen to topics that are not pertinent.

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Once enrolled, how do we proceed?

Once payment is received and has been deposited (and cleared) to our account, we will contact you by email and ask you to fill out a short personal profile to better understand your needs, your goals, your trading history, and what exchange-traded instruments you are the most interested in.  Please be sure to remove Trend-Vantage from your spam filter.

Once we receive your completed profile form, we will ask you to provide a suggested schedule that best fits your needs. We will contact you via phone (or via your preferred method) to finalize when we start our very first session.

You will also receive via email log-in instructions and directions for getting the most out of our session(s) by prepping a few things ahead of time. We can start as soon as possible after enrollment, including (scheduling allowing) “right away”!

Please note that we never resell any information that you may give us.  We respect your Privacy immensely and will always keep it intact!

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What sort of payments do you accept, and do you have a payment plan?

We require that all one-on-one session packages be paid in full prior to the start of our first session together. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal payment, as well as personal checks (though we cannot schedule a one-on-one session until the check has cleared into our business account). All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars.

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I’m not familiar with TeamViewer. What is TeamViewer and are the sessions secure?


TeamViewer allows the presenter of the one-on-one training session to offer views of our screens to you, the subscriber(s). In one-on-one sessions, there may be a time that you wish to show me something on your monitor screen — if so, I can pass Presenter power to you, but only with your permission.

These shared-session technologies have been around for a while and have been used by many leading companies, often while sharing sensitive information. The providers of online meetings are considered very secure platforms, with rolling password, ever-changing access codes, and a high degree of encryption protocol. Teamviewer is ranked nationally and internationally among the top echelon of such providers.

Sessions are completely secure, and it is impossible for me to see your computer or its contents unless you wish me to do so, and only then once you allow my access. Similarly, I can show you my monitor screen and choose what you may see, while similarly protecting the rest of my computer’s contents.

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What is your training session make-up policy?

We recognize that there will be times when your schedule will force you to cancel a one-on-one session that has already been set-up between us. We are more than happy to work with you on re-scheduling.  Since our daily timeslots are allocated and committed to in advance we require at least a 3-hour lead time notice of cancelation. If you are unable to notify us before 3 hours you will forfeit that session’s fee.

Should there be mitigating circumstances, such as family emergencies, natural disasters, circumstances deemed beyond your control, or technical issues with our technological connectivity, we will do everything possible to re-schedule a session with you without your incurring any penalty.  We always try to balance your needs and personal lives with our professional commitments to you and to all of our other subscribers.

Notification of cancellations must arrive to us by either text message (you will be provided with a phone number after you enroll) or via email to the sales@Trend-Vantage.com address. While we appreciate direct telephone contact for prompt communication, we require written confirmation for our records (i.e. text or email).

Should any technical issues prevent a session from taking place, or interrupt an ongoing session, we will reschedule a full 1-hour make-up session by mutual agreement, at no extra charge to you, no matter what part of an hour has already successfully taken place (i.e., if 20-minutes into a session we lose connectivity, we will merely re-do a full hour, at a later time).

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What is your cancellation policy if I cannot attend a one-on-one training session?

We believe in honoring your needs and being as flexible as possible. You are purchasing a service from us and entering into a time-commitment between us.  If, for any reason, you are not able to complete your training sessions we are happy to offer a pro-rated refund on all unused one-on-one time slots — but only on the unused ones — no questions asked.

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What if I don’t profit from trading after attending your training sessions, or lose money trading?

While we do our very best to give you training on what we feel is a fantastic trading system, we cannot and do not guarantee each subscriber’s results.  Each subscriber is different and results depend on the trading style of each person, as well as individual personality traits.

There are always risks associated with trading, and the world that we live in is fast-paced and economically challenging.

We do not tell you specifically when to trade, nor what to trade.  We train you to determine trading for yourself based on our indicators’ signals.  We cannot and do not take responsibility in the outcome of each subscriber’s implementation of the Trend-Vantage system.

Subscribers can continue to hone their trading skills using our system by attending the weekly webinars.  We are always available via our contact form and email address to respond to your questions and concerns, and to assist in guiding you through the learning process. It is our goal to train you to become the best trader possible, but we offer no guarantees of specific results, nor do we offer any refunds for paid-for and completed one-on-one sessions based on any specific outcome.

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Can you give live seminar presentations to a group?

You can schedule a live-training seminar of various duration (half-day, full-day, week-end, or such), and we will come directly to you! We can accommodate groups, and rooms, of various sizes.

If your presentation room has access to the Internet we can perform a training session during real-time, otherwise, we can make a presentation using captured Screenshots from the very recent Market; or use a blend of the two.

Let us know what you may have in-mind, and send me your thoughts through our Contact page. I can send you a proposal based on your needs and we can take it from there.

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Can I continue attending webinars after completing the initial 3 sessions?

Weekly webinars are offered to anyone who becomes a subscriber.  That additional (no-cost) benefit continues even if you no longer participate in one-on-one training. The opportunity to attend the webinars online will not expire.  We feel that each trained subscriber will benefit from reviewed and new information, as well as allow other subscribers (and our platform) to grow from shared insights. We think of our subscriber base as a growing, but tightly-knit, family community.

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Must I complete the Basic Training package sessions before attending the weekly webinar?

Once you have paid in full for your Basic Training Package, you may start attending weekly webinars before your first training session.

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