Our System

If you have done any investing at all you know how difficult it can be to make a profit, or even just avoid a loss.  Given our current economic environment you need as many advantages as you can get, whether they be better tools, more information, or expert advice from someone who has done careful analytical analysis.

Analysis colorful stock chart After months of analysis and testing our Trend-Vantage Indicators, in real-time on Stock, Indices, derivatives such as Options, Futures, Commodities and Foreign Exchange we have come up with an extremely powerful tool to give today’s traders a consistent advantage to be successful.

In every case, no matter what markets we tested our indicators on, or in whatever time frame we chose, our Trend-Vantage indicators and their histograms, when interpreted properly,  told us whether a trend was continuing or not.  Trend-Vantage system clearly gave us a proposed exit point or entry point (or if a Reversal were approaching).  The system; plotted for us simultaneously on our multi-chart vertical flex-grid array, showed all of the details of the smaller reversals, while maintaining an overview of the larger overall trend, both in its scope and its ongoing direction.

Trend Vantage has been successfully applied to many tradable instruments, in both time-value charts ranging from 1-minute to monthly charts, as well as to aggregate value charts from 25-tick to 1250-tick and higher, each time with an uncanny ability to chart trends and their Entry and Exit points, their slowdowns, and their reversals.

Trading Platforms
Trend-Vantage is not affiliated with or limited to any specific trading platform.  You can trade on any platform you choose while watching the histogram charts and observations we provide in real-time online. Nevertheless, we also have our indicators displayed on TDAmeritrade’s Think or Swim platform; TradeStation; and Ninja Trader 7 (latest  Feb. 27, 2016 required update; however, they have yet to be converted for us to NT-8 Beta).

Our indicators are flexible and consistent, and they can be applied to many different timeframes (including tick charts, Kaji charts and Renko charts). They work equally well on equities, commodities, futures, and currency pairs (any time of day, be it during U.S. Market hours or pre-Market / post-Market hours).

Additionally, they can be applied to charting Options directly, and thus can be used to optimally structure multi-leg positions such as butterflies, condors, strangles, straddles, etc.

You’ll find the indicators easy to use and recognize, in that they adhere to a well-defined uptrend/downtrend color scheme, across an x-axis. Similarly, they identify clearly their own suggested entry and exit points in real-time, and even calculate a net profit/loss value for their proposed trade position(s) on certain trading platforms.

Please note, in response to members’ questions, that we do not distribute nor lease our Proprietary Indicators due our need to retain our Intellectual Property Rights for them.